Tangible Tax Program Questions

Entries in red indicate a direct entry or an override condition. Usually, a user chooses to enter a figure directly on the Property Schedules Screen and attach a list of assets printed from some other source (like a spreadsheet). This direct entry will transfer from prior years. To get into the detail schedule, you must first delete the direct entry. You should then be able to use the magnifying glass icon to access the detail screen.

Click the county magnifying glass icon to go into the county defaults setup screen.  Set the desired county and mask as the default county. Future new tangible returns should now automatically show the default county.

We contact every county each year to verify name and address information, but sometimes this information changes after the program is shipped. You can change this information, but be aware that it will then become the new default information for that county. To change, first select the desired county from the list of counties next to Select County. Then, simply enter the new data.

This problem is client specific (it does not happen with all clients). To correct it, close the Tangible Program so that you are at the Program Manager Screen. Highlight the client and click the Edit Client Data button. Check the Fiscal Year End field. It should have a month entered (not a '98 or '99), or it can be blank.

This is very rare and is usually caused by a corrupt file named TDFLTS1.RND.

  1. First, close SAXTAX completely. (On all workstations if using the Network version)
  2. Second, use Windows Explorer or My Computer to delete the corrupt file from your program directory (C:\FLINT is the default directory).
  3. Third, re-install your SAXTAX Tangible Program - this should give you a "fresh" version of the file. You should now be able to get into the Tangible Program.

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NOTE: If at any time you run into a problem that you cannot easily solve, please call SAXTAX Technical Support: (772) 337-2921.