Provides a full range of tax software for Florida CPA’s and tax preparation professionals.

Federal Florida State & County
Depreciation Tangible Personal Property Tax
1040 (individuals) Florida Corporate Income Tax
1120 (corporations) Florida Sales Tax
1065 (partnerships) Florida UCT-6
1041 (estates & trusts)
990 (nonprofit organizations) Georgia State
Excise Tax (720, 2290, 5330 and 8849) Georgia DOL-4 – Employer’s Tax and Wage Report
Payroll (940, 941, 943, 945, W-2, 1095, and various 1099’s) [Free with state payroll purchase] Georgia G7 – Withholding and Voucher
Georgia Sales Tax
Georgia Tangible Property Tax

Since 1985…easy-to-use tax software programs–with immediate, live tech support when you need it.


Warren Saxon, a CPA, wrote his first tax program in 1985.  His initial program, a 1040 preparation program, was marketed nationwide and soon was being used by over 10,000 tax professionals throughout the United States.

Since 1990, SAXTAX has specialized in Florida tax programs, leading the industry with its Florida sales tax and tangible tax programs.  With the subsequent addition of its Federal programs, over 3,000 businesses and professionals now use SAXTAX for preparing their state and federal returns.

SAXTAX now provides a full line of Florida and Federal programs.  From 1040 efile to Federal and Florida corporate income tax, SAXTAX is your one-stop shopping place for high quality, easy to use, reasonably priced software for all of your tax preparation needs.

What Makes Us Different?

What Makes Us Different?

We know what it’s like to be “in the arena”. That’s why we make our programs so easy to use.

We also know the value of personal contact and know what it’s like to need help now during “crunch time”. When you buy SAXTAX, you get more than easy to use, professional programs. You get a team of experts ready to go the extra mile to make your job easier.


You will never get an automated answering system when you call us.


Here is what our customers have to say about SAXTAX:

“SAXTAX is the best decision I ever made. Two thumbs up! And thank you for a great product.”

– Dennis Rubey, Dennis Rubey, CPA

“First time user, very impressed with good data entry screens and good output. I would recommend it highly.”

– Richard M. Sandy, Abacus Accounting & Tax Service, Inc.

“Top notch. Support is a 10+.”

Charles Ballo, Charles Ballo & Associates

“An excellent product that we will use every year.”

– Renae Vaughn, Vaughn & Company, PA

“We were impressed with the attention to detail in the program, the customized filing instructions and how easy the program is to use.”

– Mary Anderson, Strombeck Consulting