Program Help

The information on the program Help Screens is usually more comprehensive than the information provided within the manual, and Help is always just a key stroke away. Use the following keys from any screen to get instant on-line help:

Help Menu. The Help Menu is used to find any information about the Program. You can access the help index, help contents, current screen information, and current program version information.

F1 Key for Screen Help. Press the F1 key while on any input screen. This gives general information about the use of the screen and specific help for different fields on the screen. Pressing F1 with any menu option highlighted will provide help about the menu item.  Be sure to use the scroll bar to view all of the information on the help screen. This will ensure that you have not missed any important details. In addition, some help screens contain colored or underlined words which are Links to associated topics of interest.

Forms Instructions. While in a field, right click and select Instructions. This will take you to the appropriate IRS or Florida Dept of Revenue instructions.