1040 Program

Email a PDF copy of the customer’s return, without leaving the SAXTAX program. (Windows 10 required)SAXTAX makes preparing individual income tax returns easy – from the simplest returns with no more than W-2’s and itemized deductions to the most complicated with investment interest, alternative minimum tax and passive activities.

Our easy to use data entry screens are facsimiles of the actual forms (see thumbnail below), and with each entry the entire return is recalculated and totals displayed.  When you are done with a return, check our diagnostics for missing data or inconsistencies in the return, then efile it, or print it for your client along with your customized transmittal letter and bill.

Integrated into the 1041, SAXTAX depreciation handles Form 4562, Form 4797 and calculates depreciation for up to six different depreciation “books”:  (1) regular taxes;  (2) alternative minimum taxes;  (3) ACE;  (4) Internal (financial reporting);  (5) State; and (6) Other (user definable).  The normal cost of our Depreciation Program is $199, but it comes Free with the purchase of our 1040 Program.

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Click on the Thumbnails below to view sample program screens.

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1040 Page 1 Schedule C, Page 1

1040 Program Features

Instant Calculations with Ability to Override Year-to-Year Data Transfer
Print Preview Unlimited Tech Support
Unlimited Number of Clients Custom Transmittal Letters
Custom Client Bills Tickler Due Date Monitor
Batch Printing Full Featured Depreciation Program FREE
Supporting Data Schedules for All Income and Expense Items Does Current and Prior Three Years Returns
Diagnostics Electronic Filing
Amended Returns Client Organizers

1040 Forms and Schedules

Form 970 Form 4835 Form 8824 Form 8995
Form 982 Form 4868 Form 8826 Form 9465
Form 1040 Form 4952 Form 8829 Form W-2
Form 1040-ES Form 4972 Form 8833 Form 9465
Form 1040NR Form 5329 Form 8839 Schedule 1
Form 1040NR-ES Form 5405 Form 8844 Schedule 2
Form 1040-X Form 5695 Form 8845 Schedule 3
Form 1042-S Form 5884 Form 8846 Schedule A
Form 1045 Form 5884A Form 8862 1040NR Sch A
Form 1099R Form 6198 Form 8863 Schedule B
Form 1116 Form 6251 Form 8867 Schedule C
Form 1310 Form 6252 Form 8880 Schedule D
Form 2106 Form 6781 Form 8881 Schedule E
Form 2210 Form 7202 Form 8882 Schedule EIC
Form 2350 Form 8283 Form 8885 Schedule F
Form 2441 Form 8332 Form 8889 Schedule H
Form 2555 Form 8379 Form 8903 Sch K-1 (1041)
Form 3115 Form 8396 Form 8915A Sch K-1 (1065)
Form 3468 Form 8453 Form 8915B Sch K-1 (1120-S)
Form 3800 Form 8582 Form 8917 1040NR Sch NEC
Form 3903 Form 8586 Form 8919 1040NR Sch OI
Form 4136 Form 8606 Form 8936 Schedule R
Form 4137 Form 8615 Form 8941 Schedule SE
Form 4255 Form 8697 Form 8949 Schedule 8812
Form 4562 Form 8801 Form 8960
Form 4684 Form 8814 Form 8962
Form 4797 Form 8815 Form 8994

1040 Worksheets

Self-Employed Health Insurance Deduction Worksheet Deduction for Exemption Worksheet Schedule D Capital Loss Worksheet
Social Security Worksheet Form 8582 Worksheet Schedule D 1250 Gain Worksheet
IRA Deduction Worksheet Child Tax Credit Worksheet Schedule D Tax Worksheet
Student Loan Interest Deduction Worksheet EIC Worksheet A Qualified 5-Year Gain Worksheet
Standard Deduction Worksheet for Dependents EIC Worksheet B1/B2 Estimated Tax Worksheet
Tax Worksheet for Certain Dependents Simplified method worksheet Child tax credit pub (pub 972)
Foreign Earned Income Earned Income Shared Responsibility
EIC Investment Income Medical Expenses Insurance Premiums
28% gain Qualifying dividends 2 year and 4 year comparison reports
The SAXTAX 1040 program offers the ability to e-file your return using any of the following providers:

Profit Developers