Federal Programs

Our Federal Programs Include the following:

1040 Program 1065 Program
1120 Program 1041 Program
1120S Program 990 Program
Excise Tax (2290, 720 and 8849)

Email a PDF copy of the customer’s Federal return, without leaving the SAXTAX program. (Windows 10 required)

The Depreciation Program is a separate stand-alone program that calculates depreciation for tax and book purposes.  It is priced and sold separately but is integrated with and comes Free with any of the Federal programs.

The data entry screens for our federal programs are facsimiles of the actual federal forms, which makes entering data easy.  You can see the immediate effect of each entry you make because with each entry the entire return is recalculated.  Navigate from one form to another or to a supplemental schedule with a single keystroke or mouse click.

After you’ve entered all data, a full set of diagnostics will help alert you to potential problems or missing information in the return.  Then use the program’s standard transmittal letter and bill or modify them for any particular client.  You can then preview the return, transmittal letter and bill before printing, which can be done separately for each client or in batches.

We know how difficult federal income taxes are – that’s why we’ve made our programs so easy to use.  Don’t waste your time learning a difficult program.

Other Federal Program Features

Instant Calculations with Ability to Override Year-to-Year Data Transfer
Unlimited E-Filing Unlimited Tech Support
Unlimited Number of Clients Custom Transmittal Letters
Custom Client Bills Tickler Due Date Monitor
Batch Printing Full Featured Depreciation Program FREE
Supporting Data Schedules for All Income and Expense Items Does Current and Prior Three Years Returns
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