5330 Program

Our 5330 Return of Excise Taxes Related to Employee Benefit Plans Program is used to report excise taxes for 990 serries returns.

SAXTAX makes it easy to identify applicable Sections , such as "• A minimum funding deficiency (section 4971(a) and (b));" with descriptions, "An employer liable for the tax under section 4971 for failure to meet the minimum funding standards under section 412." and calculates the Due Date to report taxes.

Form 5330 filing extensions are also supported.

Reasons for Filing Form 5330.

  • A prohibited tax shelter transaction (section 4965(a)(2));
  • A minimum funding deficiency (section 4971(a) and (b));
  • A failure to pay liquidity shortfall (section 4971(f));
  • A failure to comply with a funding improvement or rehabilitation plan (section 4971(g)(2));
  • A failure to meet requirements for plans in endangered or critical status (section 4971(g)(3));
  • A failure to adopt rehabilitation plan (section 4971(g)(4));
  • A failure to adopt funding restoration plan (section 4971(h));
  • Nondeductible contributions to qualified plans (section 4972);
  • Excess contributions to a section 403(b)(7)(A) custodial account (section 4973(a)(3));
  • A prohibited transaction (section 4975);
  • A disqualified benefit provided by funded welfare plans (section 4976);
  • Excess fringe benefits (section 4977);
  • Certain employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) dispositions (section 4978);
  • Excess contributions to plans with cash or deferred arrangements (section 4979);
  • Certain prohibited allocations of qualified securities by an ESOP (section 4979A);
  • Reversions of qualified plan assets to employers (section 4980); and
  • A failure of an applicable plan reducing future benefit accruals to satisfy notice requirements (section 4980F).